About Us

Mirasis has been in mobil value added services business in partnership with 3 gsm operators since 2005. Our main target customer segment for mobile VAS ia Media industry, so far we have 1.000 + customers in our portfolio. In years we had a chance to add many Media Industry related products and services in our offerings, including Solea radio automation, Mira.exe supplementary editing and scrolling bar sms broadcasting tool, live show internet broadcasting, web site developments, news portals, etc.

A part of our new vision, we expanded our services over web services/software development starting from 2012. Besides our existing customer portfolio we target mainly Retail industry with our new set of services such as Call Center+CRM application, e-commerce platorm, field force management application, HR performance management tool.

In near future, we will be expanding our new services in Turkey and over target coutries such as Iran, Iraq, Ukraine and in East European Region.